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Pronounced: \ˈmī-tē\ \ˈshərts\ . . .  (mighty shirts)


Our Collection Gallery

Here are some of our creations. The possibilities you can create are endless.

Special items such as bracelets, decals, patches, signs & socks are not available in the T-Shirt Designer App on this website.

If you need a customized item on a particular product we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Email us at: [email protected] 
To the left is a sublimated dyed polo shirt printed for a dog rescue.
  1. Poker Run T-Shirt
    Sublimated Ink on 100% Polyester Vapor Apparel
  2. Personalized Tee
    Sublimated Ink on 100% Polyester Vapor Apparel
  3. Personalized Cotton Onesies
    Onesies with a super light weight heat press vinyl.
  4. Sublimated cup.
    Title 4
  5. Sublimated T-shirt. Colors are vivid & will never fade.
    Title 5
  6. Personalized Koozie